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November Edition, 2017
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o start off this section of GO Fitness, I’ve decided to highlight the first phase everyone goes through at one point in their life when deciding to improve their health and fitness.

This “preparation phase” is one of the most challenging phases as you need to be mentally ready to make that change.

Waking up one day and picking up that dumbbell or going for a run doesn’t necessarily mean you’re mentally ready to take on that change.

The most common thing seen in the fitness industry is someone walking into the gym, spending a good hour pumping weights, powering through the treadmill like a pro and then never coming back.

That person entered the gym feeling pumped with energy and ready to make change, however he or she most likely woke up the next day sore and exhausted, wondering how it all went wrong.

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Preparing yourself to be mentally ready for change means preparing in advance for it. Set yourself a starting day for your exercise program and give yourself at least a week (preferably 2-4 weeks) to prepare.

Now before you begin that program, look at what you eat on a daily and weekly basis. That packet of biscuits or noodles after exercise is what your body will be trying to extract nutrients from, and I guarantee you’ll be wondering why you haven’t gained any muscle and always feel tired.

It all comes back to what you eat. Changing a packet of biscuits for a banana will provide your body with valuable nutrients.

Don’t get me wrong, you can still eat biscuits and other foods, but remember when your body burns energy, it needs to replace that energy, so the more real food you eat the better.

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The next step is to prepare your body for exercise! Spending that week (or two) before, sitting on the couch every afternoon trains your body to relax around that time every day.

Changing that time to exercise instead of sitting down changes your body’s daily routine and adjusts your body to prepare for exercise around that time every day.

Try to train your body clock to exercise at that certain time of the day such as first thing in the morning or 6 o’clock every afternoon.

You could just be doing 10 minutes every afternoon with push-ups, squats, or both. That little bit of exercise starts telling your body “hey, I’m doing something new” and your body begins to adjust to that routine.

Preparing yourself for fitness doesn’t just mean doing sit-ups or push-ups. Spending half an hour working in the garden, kicking the football around or going for a walk are all forms of exercise if you’re working the muscles and getting the blood pumping. We all start somewhere!



If you’re wondering where to start when beginning your exercise program, here’s a simple example you can do at home. Change it up to suit your own fitness, increase the repetitions per exercise or reduce the rest time to make it more challenging.

Start Up Circuit:

Complete circuit at least 3 times, 30—60 seconds rest after each exercise, 1-2 minutes rest after each circuit.

1. 10 x Squats

2. 10 x push ups

3. 10 x mountain climbers

4. 10 x leg raises

5. 10 x Burpees

Don’t forget to focus on your posture and formation! Complete this circuit at a comfortable pace first. After a few days when you get used to the circuit, then look at increasing the speed, or reduce the rest time.

Exercise should be challenging and getting the blood flow going however sore joints mean you need to look at your exercise formation! Stretching the muscles for at least 30 seconds each at the end of your exercise is highly recommended!





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